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Essential Tips for Travelling in India with kids

29/06/2017 | | 0 Comment |

Essential Tips for Travelling in India with kids

Travelling with kids is an adventure in its own way. India, the vast land of diversity and many wonderful experiences is a kind of a challenge, albeit a good one, especially for travellers with kids. India is a fantastic location to educate children about other foods, religions and cultures while exploring stunning scenery, architecture and wildlife. The little beings are quite testy in new places, and India is a whole new experience, therefore you need research and a detailed plan for a wonderful vacation. Our blog will help you enjoy a great holiday. Here are some essential tips for visiting India with kids:

Plan in detail

Travelling in India needs lots of planning. There is so much to see and do, that you have to make a list and plan a trip that suits your interests as well of your kids. Make a plan for the places you want to visit. Every place has different weather, things to do and places to visit. Research about the place you will visit, your accommodation and location beforehand and make a plan much before you make bookings for your holiday.

Take your time

The most essential tip for visiting India with kids is, take your time. Whenever and wherever you are travelling with kids, make sure you have abundant time. Kids do not understand time or urgency, as you do. They are often busy exploring the surroundings or busy in their activities. Keep enough time between two flights, as you can wait at the airport than hurrying with kids and your belongings in tow. Keep enough time for toilet breaks, drink breaks or just to enjoy themselves. India often follows relaxed timings but if you miss a flight or train you can be in trouble. While traveling, try to arrive with time in your hands.

Book ahead

The foremost advice when travelling to Indian with kids is, book ahead. Booking ahead is not just time saving and money saving but totally hassle free. You will have everything booked, so you will be free to enjoy the experiences with your kids. Be it hotels, flights, trains, or day trips, get everything booked early.

Be prepared for the climate

A universal advice and very much applicable for India, be prepared for the climate when you are on a family holidays in India with kids. India has diverse weather conditions and kids need to be dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain. If you are planning for the hills, take warm wear. The beaches need the lightest of clothing. If you are keen on exploring, pack clothes which allow free movement for the young ones. Avoid bulky clothes, you can always shop for the kids if required.

Engage and involve older children

Getting the older kids involved in planning of the holiday is getting half the work done. If the kids are happy, you will be happy. Ask them for inputs on what they’d like to do. Inform them about all the things you plan on doing and let them get excited.

Be app-y

Not just a tip for visiting India, this tip applies to most of your travel plans. Be app friendly. Kids get bored quite easily. The tech-friendly kids of today can be pleased with apps. Forget carrying the bulky toys and their favourite soft toys, carry all of their games and past times on your friendly phone or other device as you go app-y.

Don’t forget the medicine

Travelling is a whole new thing for kids and India is definitely going to boggle their minds. The most essential tip for visiting India with kids is being handy with medicines. Do not, and I absolutely mean do not forget the medicines. Whether it’s for routine, jet-lag, fever, dehydration, allergies, etc. carry a first aid kit with basic ingredients that will include antiseptic wipes, warm packs, ice packs, plasters, and a thermometer.

Don’t let the children pack their own bags

Kids often demand to pack their own bags for holidays, but this is where you should stop. Never let the children pack their bags. Discuss with them and pack but do not let them do it on their own, if kids are given free reign their favourite toys, a whole lot of colouring books and a lot more can make a way into their bags. Keep an eye of what they find needed and what is actually needed.

Keep bugs at bay

Kids are at risk of bugs anywhere they go. For a happy kid on your vacations to India, try to keep bugs at bay. Get anti-bug lotions and powders. Use them generously whenever you travel.

Brand them

India is busy, crowded and chaotic. One of the important things to remember is, keep an eye on your kids all the time. Whenever you are travelling through busy, crowded airports or transport hubs, write your mobile number on your child’s arm in biro in case they get lost. Also keep contact information on their clothes or their bags.

Remember the baby wipes

The baby wipes are a lifesaver when you are travelling to India. They’re useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down restaurant tables. In the same spirit, little bottles of hand cleanser can be a lifesaver in some countries, but check the travel regulations for liquids well in advance.


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